Red light therapy is a tanning salon treatment that has numerous therapeutic and cosmetic benefits. It exposes the skin to a low-level laser, which penetrates cells to improve their regeneration. As a result, the procedure will encourage faster healing and increased collagen production. If you’re on the fence about getting this treatment, here are a few reasons why you should.

3 Benefits of Red Light Therapy

1. Little to No Side Effects

Other laser therapies boost skin regeneration by slightly damaging the outer layer of skin to induce healing. However, red light therapy penetrates deep into the skin without affecting the outer layer. This treatment is often deemed safer than sun exposure since it’s performed without harmful UV rays.

2. Reduces the Look of Fine Lines & Wrinkles

tanning salonThe more collagen your skin has, the firmer it’ll look; however, the production of this essential protein wanes with age. As a result, you’ll likely experience more lines and wrinkles on your face, especially around the eyes and mouth. Fortunately, you can get a red light therapy treatment to boost the skin’s collagen production to give yourself a more youthful appearance.

3. Helps Fight Acne

There are several acne medications on the market, but many of these are associated with a high risk of side effects and complications. However, exposure to red light comes with minimal risk. It treats acne issues by stopping the sebaceous glands from producing sebum and clogging pores.


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