Keeping a summer tan year-round doesn’t require regular tropical vacations. Tanning beds offer a relaxing atmosphere to maintain your glow without the cost or commitment of taking a trip. If you have questions about using a sunbed, below are answers to a some of the most common.

A Guide to Sunbed Tanning

What is it?

Sunbeds use strips of lights to give off ultraviolet (UV) rays that mimic the sun. Users lie down on the bed and a covered section of lights envelops them to create an even tan.

You can adjust the amount of light and decide how long to stay in the bed. Salons offer trained staff to recommend which settings will suit your UV strength needs. They’ll also create a plan so that you can work up to more intense light if you want a deep glow.

What are the benefits?

Many people rely on sunbed tanning to create a base tan by gradually darkening in 15-minute sessions over several weeks. Base tans subject skin to UV rays to begin making melanin and protect the person from sunburn.

tanning Payne County OKIndividuals with light skin often rely on sunbeds to protect them from powerful UV rays by using low light settings to build a resistance. Gradually raising the UV levels can lower your chances of sunburn on a vacation—especially during the fall and winter. 

Sunbeds provide a much faster alternative than lying on the beach. You can get several hours of outside sun exposure in 15 minutes with the right tanning bed setup.

How often should I tan?

Many people start with low dose UV rays for 15-minute sessions two to three days a week. After developing a base tan, you can come in once or twice a week to maintain the glow. A skin care specialist will discuss your desires to achieve healthy results.

What should I wear?

Your lips don’t produce melanin and will never darken in a tanning bed. Protect them from UV exposure by using sun protectant lip balm before your session. Also, eyelids do not block out UV rays, so you should wear FDA-approved goggles the entire duration of a salon session to prevent damage. Ask your salon whether they require bathing suits or offer fully- or partially-nude sessions.


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