spray tan is a method of getting a sun-kissed glow without having to expose yourself to UV rays. A mist made of dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is applied to your body to help darken skin. Typically, results last for five to 10 days, but you may be able to push it longer with the following tips.  

How to Enjoy Your Spray Tan for Longer

1. Exfoliate

For at least three days prior to your appointment, use a body scrub, loofah, or washcloth to scrub the dead skin away from your body. When flaky, dead skin is left on your skin's surface, it will absorb more DHA, causing an uneven tan. 

You should also continue exfoliating once you have your tan to keep your skin looking fresh. However, avoid using products that contain AHA such as glycolic acid; they deeply exfoliate that causes your tan to fade quicker. 

2. Moisturize

spray tanMoisturizing before and after your appointment, but choose your products carefully. Oil-based products prevent your skin from evenly absorbing the tanning formula. Afterward, they will weaken the pigments in your tan. Instead, choose a tan-friendly lotion with natural ingredients. Ask your tanning technician for recommendations.

3. Use Self-Tanner

Incorporate a self-tanner product into your routine to extend the life of your tan. The amount you use it should depend on your habits. For example, if you’re swimming in a chlorinated pool every afternoon, you might apply self-tanner every day. The tan on your face tends to fade the fastest, so be sure to focus the product there.

Also, pick a product that matches with your desired coloring; likelier than not, you’ll want a slightly lighter shade than your tan as it will blend better as the results fade. 


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