From improving concentration to developing their imagination, reading has a variety of benefits for kids. However, raising a child who loves to sit down with a good book can be challenging, especially with video games and TV competing for their attention. Fortunately, there are plenty of strategies for encouraging reading and writing. Here’s what you need to know. 

3 Ways to Get Your Child to Read More 

1. Encourage Them to Start a Series

Once your child gets hooked on a book series, they’ll be motivated to keep reading. They’ll want to learn more about the characters and what happens next. If they don’t seem interested in getting started at all, read the first part of the series together or aloud. Ask your library for age-appropriate recommendations. 

2. Ask Questions

reading and writingWhile you should avoid grilling your child, asking them questions about a book will help with comprehension and make the experience more fun. For example, find out what their favorite part of a chapter was. This will encourage them to focus on understanding what they’re reading rather than on getting each word right. When they grasp the overall story, they’ll be motivated to continue with the book. To promote their handwriting and printing skills, have them write down their favorite moments of the book. 

3. Respect Their Tastes

Forcing your child to read certain types of books can be frustrating for them. Rather than assuming they’ll like a specific genre or topic, ask them about their preferences, and find books that fit their interests. If they like trucks or dolls, see if they’d want to read about those subjects. Also, ask them if they’re interested in popular topics, such as space, animals, nature, or toys. 


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