Car manufacturers have made advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) standard features on new models. While these elements are designed to help drivers stay safe on the road, auto accident attorneys warn that they have the potential to cause harm as well. Here's a closer look at the potential issues that come up.

What Car Safety Systems Compromise Safe Driving Habits

The term "ADAS" refers to a long list of components focused on preventing an accident. The most common use sensors placed around the vehicle that warn the driver of a potential hazard, such as blind-spot monitoring, lane departure warning, and rear-cross traffic alerts. There are also backup cameras that offer a visual of the back of the vehicle. 

On the front of the car, a forward collision warning detects when a driver is quickly approaching a slower-moving or stopped vehicle. There is also an automatic emergency braking system that activates the brakes when danger is present. 

Vehicles may include one or more of these ADAS. Their presence isn't a risk in itself; however, the potential danger arises when a driver becomes over-reliant on them. Alternatively, auto accident attorneys also see issues occurring as a result of misunderstanding how the systems work. 

ADAS Technology Limits

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Blind-spot monitoring is accompanied by the biggest misconception. While the system picks up average-moving vehicles on the side of the car, it's not always able to detect those moving quickly. They can also miss smaller obstacles, like pedestrians and bicycles.

Backup cameras have restrictions with their limited view, so it's possible for vehicles or pedestrians to move just out of the driver's viewpoint. Debris, like dust and dirt, can also block or reduce visibility. 

Additionally, many individuals confuse forward-collision warning systems with emergency braking systems. The former doesn't apply the brakes on its own. 

How Can Drivers Use ADAS Responsibly?

Only use ADAS as supplements to safe driving methods. Always do a visual inspection and check blind spots when switching lanes or backing up. It's also important to fully understand what features the vehicle offers and how to use them, so check with the dealer and manufacturer before hitting the road the first time. Also, consider additional training to get more comfortable with them. 


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