For an air compressor to work properly, it must be able to convert power into energy. This energy is stored in the form of pressurized, or compressed, air. If you find your device is not working as it should, there could be several reasons. To help, Industrial Compressor Supplies, a top store located in Maryland Heights, MO, has shared common problems and how to troubleshoot them.

Get to the root of the issue by assessing these factors: 

  • air compressorNo Power: If the device will not power up, there are a few steps to try. First, hit the reset button while it is plugged into an active electrical socket. If this does not work, consider the oil level. If it’s low, replacing the oil may solve the problem. You should also check the pressure switch to ensure it is making contact. In most scenarios, one of these three steps will solve the problem.

  • Excessive Vibrations: Vibration during use can make the project difficult. Fix this issue by tightening the mounting bolts or belts. You may also have to replace the crankshaft or realign the pulley and flywheel. Any of these loose or offset pieces can cause excessive shaking.

  • Noisy Operation: A bit of noise is normal. However, if your air compressor is being too loud, there are a few things you can do. First, make sure nothing is loose. This includes the pulley, belt, cooler, clamps, or belt guard. Next, check the oil level in the crankcase. If it is low, fill it to the appropriate level. It's also possible that your piston is hitting the valve plate. If this is the case, you will need to add a new gasket.

Troubleshooting your air compressor will help you discover the problem and find a solution. If you are in need of new compressor parts, oil, or filters, head over to Industrial Compressor Supplies. They offer top-quality products at an affordable price, and their mission is to help you. Whether you need a new part or need a question answered, their staff is ready to help. For more information, visit their website or call (877) 426-3131 today.