Air compressors come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and even sub-categories such as cooling compressors are available in many different styles. These components compress refrigerant before it moves on to the condenser for cooling, making them essential for the refrigeration cycle. To better understand the differences between each type, it helps to take a look at a few variations most commonly used in refrigeration and air conditioning machines.  

Comparing The Top 3 Cooling Compressors

air compressor1. Reciprocating

Reciprocating compressors are available in three distinct types: Open, hermetically sealed, and semi-hermetically sealed. Open compressors can use either one or multiple cylinders, which work together with a piston to compress refrigerant. The piston-cylinder function is similar to an automotive engine, and reciprocating compressors are among the most widely used styles. 

2. Rotary

The best way to visualize a rotary air compressor is to picture gears within clockwork. The elements within these units rotate against one another, compressing the refrigerant between them. They typically only handle small volumes at a lower average pressure, though, so they're not as widely used as some of the alternative air compressors. 

3. Screw

As the name implies, these models compress refrigerant between a pair of meshing screws. The fact that they consume less power than other models makes them an attractive option, as does their ability to produce high pressure for smaller gas quantities. 

Your choice of cooling compressors is vast, and finding the right components will come down to the application at hand. If you're not well-versed in industry standards yourself, get in touch with an air compressor service professional before you begin.


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