An air compressor is a versatile and useful piece of equipment that can quickly become one of the most valuable parts of your toolbox. When you consider the variety of ways a compressor can be used, it’s easy to determine that purchasing one is worth the investment. If you frequently perform any of the jobs below, then it might be useful to have a compressor in your garage.

What Can an Air Compressor Be Used For?

1. Fill Up Tires

Often, this is one of the most common uses of a household air compressor. The air pressure in your tires is continually changing as the outside temperature shifts and you put more miles on your vehicle. As it gets cooler in the winter, your tires will deflate and you’ll need to add in air. A compressor and PSI gauge make this easy, safe, and efficient and allow you to have longer-lasting tires.  

2. Pressure Wash

air compressor Maryland Heights, MOIt can be challenging to clean the exterior elements of your home adequately. If your air compressor has a washing attachment, you can use it to clean off your driveway, siding, fence, decks, and more. It will remove months’ worth of stubborn dirt in minutes without damaging paint, brick, or other sensitive materials.

3. Clean Work Sites

Small particles, like wood shavings, can be challenging to clear off of workspaces. If you’re working with carpentry, you can use your compressor to clean up all the excess material after sawing or sanding. However, they can also be used to clean more sensitive areas as well. You can use it to get all the debris out of a computer keyboard, or instantly extract all the dirt from your toolbox without removing the tools.

4. Spray Paint

If you’re looking to repaint a piece of furniture, it can be hard to ensure that the finish is applied evenly. Attach a spray paint gun to your compressor for easy painting. The result will be a smooth layer of paint that looks professionally applied, and you can save thousands of dollars by not hiring a professional painter.


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