Air compressors are versatile, allowing you to inflate tires, clean hard to reach areas of your garage, and operate tools like nail guns and spray painters. However, since an air compressor holds pressurized air in its tank, using one can be dangerous if proper safety measures aren’t taken. Here’s what you should know to ensure that you are using these devices properly.

Air Compressor Safety Tips You Should Follow

1. Check for Air Leaks Before Using Your Compressor

Turn the compressor on a low setting and see if you can feel or hear air leaking from areas other than the nozzle. Leaks can cause the hose to blow off, posing a significant safety hazard. If you find holes in the tube, it will need to be replaced.

2. Check the Fuel Level

Low fuel can cause the unit to overheat and shut off in the middle of a project. Fuel should only ever be added to a cooled off unit. If you don’t want to have to pause mid-project to allow your compressor to cool, make sure to top off the fuel beforehand.

3. Wear Impact Resistant Goggles

Air Compressor Maryland Heights, OHPressurized air can cause severe damage to the eye. While you might think that this would never happen to you, the truth is, eye injuries from compressors are not uncommon. Wearing impact-resistant safety glasses will protect your eyes from the air and any dust or debris particles.

4. Use the Right Nozzle

You should never use a nozzle that has been altered in any way, as these may release air at too high of a pressure. Instead, opt for an OSHA approved nozzle with built-in safety features, like an adjustable valve.

5. Replace a Rusted Tank

Rusted tanks can lead to combustion, which can cause the tank to explode, leading to serious injury to you or damage to your property. If your tank has rust on it, it’s time to get a replacement. Never try to repair a rusted tank, as spontaneous combustion can occur.


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