Air compressors are necessary devices in various industries, converting power from the energy stored in pressurized air. Because their uses range from automotive needs to industrial tools and equipment, air compressor parts are vital for keeping these devices in top shape. Aftermarket and OEM options are available, but which do you pick? The following is a guide.

OEM Parts & Their Benefits

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, meaning they come from the original company that made the device and its components. They are identical to the part already in place and most likely came off the same assembly line. This translates to reliability since the part is designed for the make and model you have and should work just as well as the piece it came with. Typically they are backed by warranties and are easy to find and purchase.

The biggest benefit is that every OEM component is created the same and is guaranteed to work with your model. You will usually have to buy or order directly from the manufacturer to get them. Any warranties already on your equipment remain unaffected, especially if maintenance is regularly performed according to guidelines.

Aftermarket Parts & Their Benefits

Aftermarket air compressor parts are not from the original manufacturer, but they are created to function the same, if not better, than OEM parts. Aftermarket parts tend to be less expensive and are widely available in stores and online, but shopping at reputable locations and from quality companies is advised to ensure you are getting a component just as reliable as the original.

air compressor partsCompanies that produce these parts usually rely on reverse-engineering to design their version. This approach often means working out kinks in the original, leading to a better air compressor component. You also have a broad range of options from which to choose since you are going beyond the limits of the manufacturer.

Not every aftermarket part is identical to each other or the original, even though it is designed to work just fine. There may be minor differences in performance, but as long as it is compatible, your air compressor should operate as expected. Make sure to read your warranties and manuals to ensure using these parts won’t negate protections and policies.


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