Portable air compressors are excellent devices for inflating tires, packing products, and freezing items, and they can be easily stored once their use is no longer needed. However, improper storage can limit the life expectancy of your unit by causing rust or other damage. These storage tips can help you keep your device working at top efficiency for many years.

3 Tips for Storing Air Compressors

1. Prepare It for Storage

air compressor missouriStart by switching the compressor off and unplugging it if it runs on electricity. It should not remain plugged in while in storage. If it runs on battery, remove the battery and place it in a storage bag to prevent it from collecting dust. You should also clean the unit to remove dust and dirt from the air hose and connections to prevent dust from causing unnecessary wear on the compressor’s motor when it starts again. Open the valve to drain any residual liquids that might cause rust while it’s not in use.

2. Use Care When Transporting It

Depending on the storage location, you should use care when moving the unit. For example, if you plan to store it in a basement, it might be in your best interest to consider a different option. The air compressor can easily fall and sustain damage being moved down steps, and basements can also flood easily, putting the equipment at risk for water damage. Use a cart to relocate the equipment somewhere secure, level, and dry, such as a storage shed.

3. Have It Inspected

Before you place your air compressor in storage, consider having a professional inspect it for pressure performance, working parts, and efficiency. Air compressor service and repair companies have the knowledge, experience, and tools to test the unit and make adjustments before storing it for an indefinite period.


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