Jewelry stores are full of valuable products, and they often require more thorough security and anti-theft measures than other companies. They also need adequate business insurance to cover potential losses. Although you should work with a knowledgeable agent, you should also familiarize yourself with the various policies and areas of risk to ensure you run a smooth operation.

Possible Areas of Risk

The valuable necklaces, earrings, and diamonds in your establishment are highly desired treasures for criminals. Your business insurance policy should cover theft to ensure you can handle the aftermath of a burglary. 

You should also increase coverage if you provide repair services. If a customer’s bracelet breaks while in your possession, you’ll need to compensate for the accident. In addition, you should have insurance for the usual necessities, such as flood and fire policies.

How to Protect Your Business

business insuranceFirst, every business needs property insurance. This will cover your storefront and products in the event of a fire, flood, or natural disaster.

You’ll also need premises liability insurance in case a visitor is hurt in the store or parking lot. Ask your agent if you need workers’ compensation or business auto insurance. Not every store needs these policies, as they depend on the specific circumstances and operations of your establishment.

In terms of specific jewelry store policies, crime insurance is absolutely necessary. If your products get vandalized or stolen, you’ll be compensated by your insurance company. 

If you sell your jewelry online, you might need cyber liability insurance, too. This ensures you’re not liable for any cyber crimes that happen through your website, including credit card fraud or hacking. Running a business is an unpredictable ride, and you should be prepared for all eventualities.


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