Running a winery can be an exciting challenge, but it faces a unique blend of insurance risks as a business. From crop loss to guest liability, you’ll want to ensure your policies cover all aspects of this venture. Use this guide to help you find the right coverage for your winery.

What Policies Do Wineries Need?

1. Liability

Expand your winery’s reach and draw in new customers by offering in-person tours. Wine connoisseurs and amateurs alike enjoy witnessing the winemaking process up close.

However, allowing guests on the property opens you up to new liability risks. For example, if someone falls during a tour of the cellar, liability insurance will protect you from any ensuing settlements.

2. Crop

insuranceLike any agricultural undertaking, growing grapes can be challenging if poor weather conditions or insect infestations interfere. Investing in a crop insurance policy will protect the winery from financial loss if you lose grapes due to fire, insect damage, adverse weather, and plant disease.

Keep in mind that most policies only cover the crops until they’re harvested. If rodents get into your storage or a flood ruins the fermentation process, the losses won’t be covered by the crop plan.

3. General Business

Some areas of the winery can be covered like a standard business. Having a business owner’s policy will protect buildings and equipment, as well as loss of income due to unexpected disasters.

However, you may need additional endorsements that include the specific problems you might face at the winery. For example, your business insurance might not cover leakage or the cost of discarding contaminated wine. Make sure you work with an experienced agent and discuss your needs to ensure you’ll be compensated after an accident.


Whether you’re contemplating a venture into winemaking or you already own a winery and need to adjust your insurance policies, work with the team at First State Insurance Agency. With locations in Beatrice, David City, and Hickman, NE, this independent agency will help you shop for plans from some of the nation’s leading providers of auto, home, life, crop, and business coverage. To schedule a consultation for your winery, call (402) 367-3177. Learn more about their services online.