Whether you run a veterinary office, a grooming salon, or a farm, if you work with animals, it’s essential to secure business insurance coverage that protects against unpredictable animal behavior. Learn more about how you can safeguard your business if you spend your days with animals with the guide below.

What Type of Insurance Do You Need If You Work With Animals?

1. General Liability Coverage

If a customer gets bitten or slips while on your property, you could be found liable. General liability coverage helps pay for medical costs for injuries that occurred on your premises. In the event of a successful lawsuit, liability coverage will also cover you and your employees.

2. Business Property Coverage

insuranceIf your business involves animals, you may rely on expensive specialized equipment, like medical testing devices. At any time, the animals you work with might damage this equipment.

When a critical piece of equipment breaks, it can cause business to slow down or even stop altogether. Property insurance will help cover damage to your inventory and equipment. 

3. Auto Insurance

If your veterinary office or grooming salon offers house visits or other services that require a vehicle, you’ll want to get business auto insurance. While you might be tempted to use your personal auto policy, it will not apply to your employees or cover damages resulting from an accident that happens on company time.


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