After your teen completes driving lessons and gets their license, they won't need a chaperone when they’re behind the wheel. Although you are eager for your child to have more independence, it's natural to worry about their safety on the road. To ease your anxiety, tell the new driver to always keep the following items in their vehicle. 

What Items Should Your Teen Have in Their Car at All Times?

1. Emergency Flares

In case the car malfunctions or gets a flat tire, your teen should have the number for a roadside assistance and towing company in their phone. They should keep emergency flares in the trunk to put on the road before help arrives. The reflective material will alert passing motorists to proceed with caution and make it easier for the tow truck operator to find them. 

2. Cellphone Charger


Your teen should check in to let you know they reached the destination, when they should arrive home, and whether they'll be transporting passengers. So their phone doesn't die while they're out, have them keep a portable charger in the glove compartment. 

Tell them to plug the phone in before they get on the road and set it to silent. This way, they won't be tempted to text or answer messages. These are major distractions that will reduce your teen's reaction time. 

3. Insurance Card

If your teen is pulled over for a traffic violation, they'll need to provide the auto insurance card as well as their driver's license to the police officer. Not providing proof of insurance could result in a fine, so have them keep the card in the glove compartment. If they get into an accident, the other motorist will also need to provide the insurance details to their insurer.


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