An HVAC system maintains the home’s comfort level and air quality. Unfortunately, it consists of many complex parts that can fail anytime. Not only is this inconvenient, but it could also become a safety hazard. As such, you should identify whether emergency HVAC services are necessary if the unit stops working properly. The following guide explains situations that require immediate attention and those that can wait. 

When to Call for Emergency HVAC Service

Not having a working HVAC system when it’s sweltering hot or freezing cold outside can be dangerous, especially for seniors and young children. Frigid indoor temperatures can also lead to frozen and burst pipes. Therefore, poor airflow from the vents during extreme temperatures necessitates an immediate call to a professional.

Emergency HVAC

You should also seek emergency HVAC assistance if safety concerns arise with your equipment. Problems to watch out for include refrigerant leaks, rotten egg or burning smells, sparks, smoke, or loud popping noises.

These issues are signs that your family could be exposed to toxic chemicals that pose a serious health risk. They can also suggest an electrical problem, increasing the chances of a fire. In such instances, turn the system off completely and contact a technician at once. 

Non-Emergencies and Troubleshooting Tips 

Emergency HVAC projects can cost more than services performed during regular business hours. Thus, if your household isn’t in immediate danger, try a few troubleshooting methods before contacting a professional.

Often, people will find that HVAC problems are due to a shut-off thermostat, a tripped circuit break, or an unplugged unit. The system could also simply need a filter change to get the air flowing again. 

Generally, repairs can wait as long as the climate is mild or the failure is due to a power outage. Routine maintenance, new installations, and ductwork cleaning services aren’t considered emergencies either.


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