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Ray's Radiator & Towing

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5129 S Livonia Rd., Livonia, NY 14487

About Ray's Radiator & Towing

You’re on your way to work and your car starts making not-so-funny noises before it stalls, leaving you impatiently waiting for a tow truck and very late for work. This happens daily to drivers who ignore the important signs from their cars. Ray's Radiator & Towing in Livonia, NY, can help you prevent this from happening with their expert routine maintenance services or tow your vehicle back to their auto repair shop where they will diagnose and solve the problem.

Whether you drive a rare foreign coupe or an everyday mini-van, their mechanics have the skill set and training to tackle any challenge a vehicle throws at them. Auto repair services ranging from routine maintenance, like oil changes and brake repair, to more substantive services, like engine diagnostics and full radiator replacements, are all offered at this full-service repair shop.

Whether you need motorcycle and ATV repair or you have a vehicle that you need towed from your property, you won’t find an auto repair shop better equipped to handle your needs. Call Ray's Radiator & Towing today at (585) 346-5000 or visit them online for additional information.


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