If you want to get fit, you may be wondering which type of exercise will work best for you. With so many options and advice on physical fitness available, you may want to try calisthenics training. This workout builds muscle and burns fat without gym equipment. To learn more about this form of exercise, consider the following guide.

What Is Calisthenics Training?

This type of physical training consists of exercises that rely solely on a person’s body weight. For instance, crunches, pullups, situps, and squats are calisthenic exercises.

They’re designed to promote the development of physical endurance, flexibility, strength, and coordination. While gym equipment isn’t needed, you can use light handheld tools, such as straps, for additional resistance. 

calisthenics trainingCalisthenics training also relies on repetitious movements to train the body. As you work out and increase your stamina, you can also increase the repetitions. With this type of training, you can target a single muscle group or the entire body.

What Are the Benefits?

Calisthenic exercises are an excellent way to build strength in someone who is new to working out. These exercise routines can be completed in as little as 15 minutes, and you can do them anywhere. Beginners can modify the exercises to reduce strain on joints to minimize the chance of injuries.

If you’re not new to fitness, you can intensify the calisthenics training routine to build endurance and flexibility. The repetitious movements will get your heart pumping, and completing a few circuits with small rest breaks will help your body battle fatigue. Some movements, like lunges, also encourage you to stretch your muscles during the workout, which will boost your range of motion and flexibility over time.


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