Stress comes in many forms and creates constant roadblocks in life. It’s crucial to find relief, and the gym is a solution for many people. Here’s what you should know about how exercise can relieve stress.

What the Connection Between Exercise & Stress?

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercises raise the heart rate and reduce levels of cortisol and adrenaline—the stress hormones. Many people also find the experience meditative. Cycling across beautiful countryside, jogging at sunrise, or swimming in a peaceful lake can put the mind at ease.

The repetitive nature of aerobic exercises is also meditative. Focus on a one-two count while jogging at the gym or counting off each skip of your jump rope in the backyard.

It's easy to start an aerobic program. Walk around the block, take the stairs several times each day at work, or hit the treadmill at the gym.


gymExercise stimulates endorphin production in your body. This chemical is the body’s natural painkiller and can immediately reduce stress levels.

It doesn’t take a vigorous workout. Simply stretching during your lunch break, performing light yoga in the morning, and deep breathing before bed can increase endorphin levels.

Aerobic exercise and stretching also reduce the physical side effects of stress. Muscle tension can create back and neck pain, for example. Other people experience cramps, lightheadedness, and rapid breathing during a panic attack. Endorphins during exercise reduce these symptoms to calm the mind and body.

Goals & Self-Confidence

People hit the gym for many reasons. They may want to trim their waistline or build and tone muscle. Achieving these goals brings a sense of fulfillment and may eliminate sources of stress, such as being overweight. The improved self-confidence and satisfaction lead to a healthier lifestyle and fewer stress triggers.


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