With the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re likely spending more time at home. Whether your exercise facility has been closed or you’re simply trying to reduce your exposure to others, a home workout space can help you reach your goals in the comfort and safety of your own space. Here’s how to create an environment that will inspire you during your online fitness training.

What Features Should Be Included In a Home Workout Space?

1. Light

Most gyms are bright and filled with vibrant colors to give you a boost of energy that inspires you to work harder. Before the workout, open all the window coverings.

Add some lamps if the natural light isn’t enough or if you’ll be working out at night. Paint an accent wall in the room with orange, yellow, red, or another energizing color.

2. Soft Flooring

If your online fitness training includes any high-impact movements such as jumping, you’ll need to soften the impact on your joints. Soft flooring will also reduce sound transfer, so the movement won’t disturb people on the floor below or in the next room. If the space doesn’t have carpet flooring, place interlocking foam mats on the ground.

3. Mirrors

online fitness trainingMirrors are a necessity in any home gym, as they’ll help you monitor your form during each exercise. They’ll also reflect light back into the room, keeping it bright. Install large floor-to-ceiling mirrors on at least one wall.

4. Video screen

If you’ll be working out with a group or a trainer online, you may prefer a screen larger than a phone or tablet. Install a flat-screen television on a wall that can be easily seen from any part of the room.

If the trainer needs to see you, include a webcam with it. Also, place speakers around the room to make it easy to follow along with workouts without craning your neck or struggling to hear.

5. Ventilation

A workout space can quickly get hot and humid, so ventilation is key. Place a large box fan in front of the window. Turn it on during the workouts to stay cool and have a consistent supply of fresh air.


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