Moving into an affordable apartment on your own can be an exciting prospect, but it can also be a daunting one. Anticipation and worry are perfectly normal, and you’ll settle in just fine. The following tips will help you enjoy a seamless transition and feel confident in your new home.

How to Live Alone Successfully

1. Look for Security

Investing in security solutions while living alone can provide endless comfort. While apartment hunting, ask about security features like gates, deadbolts, and alarm systems. 

Make sure the landlord changes the locks before you move in. This ensures that no other keys or previous tenants can access the property. 

2. Decorate to Your Liking

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Decorating the apartment with favorite posters, photos, artwork, and colors can make it feel homely and reflective of your personality. Rather than looking for what’s fashionable or what others prefer, choose furnishings that make you happy and relaxed. 

For example, a hand-me-down armchair might make the perfect centerpiece for the apartment, and it can provide a familiar comfort as you live alone. Posters of your favorites bands or movies will easily show guests your interests and provide perfect conversation starters at dinner parties and other gatherings. 

3. Establish a Routine

Without others to remind you to organize, pick up clothes and miscellaneous items, or clean, it can be easy to allow the apartment to lapse into a disorderly state. However, cleaning the space will make it look more attractive, feel more comfortable, and even relieve stress, anxiety, and depression

Add a thorough cleaning session of the apartment to your weekly routine. Sundays are perfect for organizing and vacuuming while listening to some music or a podcast. If you don't have a free day to commit to cleaning, spread out the tasks over the week. For example, you can scrub the bathroom on Mondays, while Wednesdays can be dedicated to the kitchen.

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