Wearing contact lenses is convenient and helps you maintain an active lifestyle without having to worry about wearing eyeglasses. While many people wear them without any significant issues, if you don't care for your lenses properly, you're at risk for eye infections and possible vision problems. To keep this from happening, remember these tips for proper care and maintenance.


Keep your contact lenses clean. 

Wash your hands every time you put in or take out your contact lenses, and always use fresh, sterile solution for cleaning and storage. Clean the storage case every day as well. These habits help prevent bacteria that can cause infections or irritation.

Replace your contacts as needed.

contact lenses

Follow your eye doctor's instructions for replacing your contact lenses. Some lenses are designed to be worn once and thrown away, while others last for several weeks or months. 

Wearing lenses longer than recommended can increase the risk of eye irritation, infections, or vision problems. The lenses also lose their shape over time, increasing the chances they will fall out or shift in your eyes. 


Wear contact lenses while sleeping. 

Unless you wear contact lenses specifically designed to be worn while sleeping, avoid wearing them to bed. Doing so increases the risk of infection because your eyes don't have the oxygen or hydration they need to fight off bacteria. Removing dry contacts can also scratch your cornea or cause other eye injuries. 

Swim with your contacts in.

Swimming with lenses in your eyes can potentially expose them to contaminants in the water. Even a swimming pool or hot tub can contain harmful bacteria or fungi that may get into your eyes and contaminate your contacts. When you get water in your eyes and rub them, you could dislodge or lose your lenses. 


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