The braking system is one of the most important car safety components. A functional brake allows a driver to slow down or stop the vehicle, helping avoid road accidents. However, several factors like water and other elements can affect how a braking system works. It’s important for a car owner to be aware of what these elements do to a vehicle and be able to discern if preventive brake repairs are needed.

How Rain Affects the Braking System

Brakes rely on friction to slow a car down or completely bring it to a halt. Because water can act as a lubricant, driving on a wet surface lessens the brake’s grip, taking more effort to stop a vehicle. With this in mind, it’s not advisable for drivers to hit the road during a rainy day if the vehicle needs brake repairs or other types of maintenance.

What You Can Do to Stay Safe 

Take extra caution on the road, especially if it just started pouring. Oil and grime tend to cling to the road, and water brings these substances to the surface during initial rainfall. A road is at its most slippery during the first few minutes of rainfall, when the oil hasn’t been washed away yet.

Braking in the rain brake repair might not work as quickly as it would on a dry day, so it’s best to drive slower than usual and allow for more distance between cars. Doing so will also make it safer to apply gradual brake pressure, lessening the chance of skidding.

Make sure your car is checked regularly by a professional to determine if it needs brake repair services. This will help ensure safe travels and avoid inconvenience and untoward incidents down the road. Have the brakes checked every 10,000 miles or each time you get an oil change.


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