The strain of lifting and lowering a heavy panel can cause premature wear to the mechanical components that operate your garage door. Sticking with a regular maintenance plan will allow you to catch minor issues before they compromise the safety or performance of your investment. Below are three items to add to the top of the upkeep checklist to extend the lifespan of your garage door.   

3 Ways to Prevent Premature Garage Door Failure

1. Keep Tracks Free of Obstructions

garage doorsGarage doors move along tracks. If there are obstructions along the path, the door won’t align when opening and closing. While moving along the blocked track, the garage door could dislodge the framework. To prevent system failure, remember to clean the track and keep it lubricated. Remove any kids’ toys, garbage, or rocks in the way. Run a handheld vacuum over the track to suction out dirt, candy, and any other smaller particles.  

2. Replace Damaged Components

If springs have snapped or nuts and bolts are damaged or missing, the door could shake while opening and closing or get stuck during operation. If parts are worn or missing, stop using it until you can replace the components. This will ensure everyone remains safe until a professional inspects the system and new equipment is installed. It will also relieve excess strain from supportive components, which will stall the need for a replacement.

3. Schedule Regular Maintenance

The best way to ensure that all parts are operating correctly is to have a professional inspect it. A technician can make small repairs, tighten nuts and bolts, and ensure the system is operating smoothly, all of which will keep your garage door in good working condition and extend its life.


Although you can attempt garage door upkeep on your own, the professionals at PDQ Door Service in Saint Paul, MN, have the tools to do an impeccable job and the training to stay safe in the process. To schedule a garage door installation, repair, or maintenance appointment in the Saint Paul area, call (651) 208-6335 to speak with a representative. Visit the company online to learn more about their warranty and financing options, and like them on Facebook to see pictures of their work.