Garage doors can malfunction for many reasons. Some are simple to solve while others require professional assistance to repair. If your door is refusing to open when you push the button, check a few of the basic problem areas to diagnose the issue, and call a professional to repair the damage.

Why Your Garage Door May Not Be Opening

Blocked Sensor

Many garage door openers have a sensor close to the floor, near where the driveway begins. If there’s an object in the way, the door will not move. This can be something as small as a spider web or as large as a child’s toy. Before you do anything else, check the sensor for any blockages, and wipe the lens before trying again.

Warped or Damaged Track

garage doorEvery garage door has a track that guides it as it opens and closes. If something happens that jostles the door off its tracks, it won’t open until the problem has been corrected. Examine the length of the track to determine that there are no unexpected bends or bumps that may cause issues, and tighten the screws along the frame to make sure it stays level.

Snapped Cables or Springs

Various parts of the garage door will wear down after many years of use, and the springs and cables that move the door are especially prone to overuse. Eventually, they will snap, releasing the tension that pulls your door up. This issue can be identified by the broken pieces that may be found along the track or by the door, and it will require a garage door repair expert to complete the replacement.


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