If your garage door is nearing the end of its life span or you want to update your home, there are a handful of trends you should keep an eye on this year and beyond. Because your doors are a significant feature of your home's exterior, updating your garage door will do wonders for its curb appeal. If you’re interested in a modern garage door, consider using the following trends to guide your choice.

3 Elements of Trendy Garage Doors

1. Welcoming Windows

Adding windows to a garage door offers a wide variety of shapes, sizes, tints, and frames. Small slotted windows near the top of the door are always a classic look, but many modern homes feature large frames to let more natural light into your garage. Beyond brightening the interior space, these additions break up what might otherwise be a monotonous exterior.

garage door2. Classic Wood

From full splashes to paneled accents, wood conveys a sense of luxury. There’s also plenty of room for experimentation with stains and finishes for those aiming for a modern appearance.

3. Bold Colors

Your door doesn't have to stick to the same neutral tones you see everywhere else. Bold colors help create a unique look that sets your garage apart from the rest of the home. For the best results, hold potential colors against your home’s exterior, and choose the most complementary option.


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