Your garage door consists of many parts that all work together to keep it functioning. Among these are springs, which are crucial to its ability to open and close properly. Over time, the springs may wear out, and if they are not replaced, the door won’t be safe to use. Below are a few signs you need a spring replacement.

Indicators You Need a Spring Replacement

1. Crooked Door

When you press the opener, both sides of the door should move evenly. If one side is crooked, a spring has begun to deteriorate. Discontinue the use of the door and call for a replacement right away: If one of both springs gives out, the door might land on a person or one of your belongings.

2. Screeching or Banging Noises

spring replacementModern doors operate relatively noiselessly. This is partially due to well-oiled, intact springs. If you hear loud grinding, banging, or screeching noises while the door is in operation, these components have likely begun to give out. A professional will inspect them both and let you know if just one needs to be replaced or if it’s safer to get two new ones.

3. Unresponsive Door

Whether you use an automatic opener or operate the door manually, when you lift it, the feature should stay in place. If it keeps sliding closed, the springs may have worn out. This is also the case if the door stops about six inches above the ground when you try to open it.


For safety purposes, it’s best to let an expert handle a spring replacement. The team at PDQ Door Service in St. Paul, MN, has served Ramsey and Washington counties for almost 20 years and provides same-day services to residential customers. To learn more about the family-owned company and their affordable prices, call (651) 208-6335 or visit them online today.