You may not realize how much garage doors impact the look of your home until you’re shopping for new ones. Finding the perfect match can be a bit difficult, as there are many door styles and colors to choose from. The following are a few factors to keep in mind to ensure your updated garage meshes well with the exterior of your home.

How to Match New Garage Doors to Your Home

1. Look at the Front Door

The color of your front door can be a guiding principle when choosing a new garage door. You can match both doors, which creates a cohesive look. Alternatively, you can get a bit creative and look for complementary colors. This is a good tact to take if your front door is a nontraditional color, such as red or blue.

2. Keep Architectural Style in Mind

garage doorSome colors clash with architectural styles. For instance, bright colors or pastels probably won’t go well with classically designed homes, and modern homes may look strange with wooden doors. You also want to keep in line with other homes in the neighborhood. Deviating too far from the norm can make your home look out of place, especially if your neighbors stick to a similar color and style scheme.

3. Match Accents

Along with the color of the garage door, also consider how your decorative elements will fit in with the exterior of your home. If you have shutters, consider using them to determine the best color for your garage. You can also look at other accents, such as railings or window trim, and soffit.  Even if you choose a neutral color, you can spruce up the garage door by adding windows or accents to it.


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