When you’re getting a new garage door, you’ll need to decide if you want to include windows. Windows installed in garage doors offer a host of benefits, but there are several potential cons you should consider as well. Below is more information on the advantages and disadvantages of garage door windows.

Known Benefits of Windows

garage doorsWindows in your garage doors increase natural light inside, which can make it more pleasant to use your garage during the day. From the outside, windows will enhance your curb appeal and potentially increase the value of your home, especially when customized to complement the exterior style. For instance, the windows can match your entry door or bay windows, feature an etched design, or be frosted for increased privacy.

Potential Disadvantages

Windows are a vulnerable entry point into your home, and ones on your garage door are no different. To deter break-ins, you can have windows made out of a break-resistant substance or made small enough to prevent entry. Without tinting or frosting, windows can also pose privacy concerns, as they allow strangers to see into your garage. Windows may affect the air seal, too, leading to challenges with controlling humidity, temperature, and air quality. The cost of windows should be considered in your decision as well, as they may be more expensive.


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