Even if the door between your home and the garage is locked and impassable, unsecured garage doors still attract thieves, especially if they can see expensive cars, tools, and equipment of value. Thankfully, there are many strategies you can use to safeguard this part of your home against would-be criminals. Keep your property safe with these top security tips.

How to Maintain a Safe & Secure Garage

How to Use Your Garage Door

Never leave your door unlocked or ajar when unattended. Consider installing an electronic door sensor that will notify you if it’s moved when you’re not in the vicinity. Burglars can use so-called fishing techniques with wire hooks to open garage doors via their emergency handles, so make sure yours isn’t left dangling down where it’s accessible. Install a battery-operated camera to further deter thieves, or have a system hardwired. Keep replacement services in mind if your garage door is more than 10 years old and experiencing issues that may compromise its strength.

How to Keep Your Garage Door Opener

garage doorCarry your opener in your purse, bag, or pocket during the day. Don’t leave the remote at home where children can find it, and explain to your kids that the device isn’t a toy. If you prefer to keep your opener in your car, make sure the doors are always locked when parking outdoors and that the opener is out of sight. If it’s easily accessible, a thief may be tempted to take the opener and use it to later burglarize your home. 

How to Guard Windows & Entry Doors

Check your garage’s side entry door, if you have one, and replace it if it’s rotted, warped, or otherwise not secured. Install a strike plate and deadbolt if you have not already to fortify the door against intruders. Unlike door knob locks, deadbolts don’t feature pins that can be manipulated for easy garage entry. Keep the door connecting your garage to your house locked, and place curtains or blinds in the windows so thieves can’t see the room’s contents. They’re less likely to take the risk if they’re not sure there’s anything valuable within. Install motion detector lighting around the exterior perimeter to ward off criminals.


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