Because it reliably opens and closes on demand, it’s easy to forget about your garage door. However, when it begins to creak, you may worry about it. While it likely isn’t a detrimental issue, you should have it checked out to prevent an accident. Below are a few common reasons for noisy garage doors and when to seek help for them.

4 Reasons Behind Noisy Garage Doors

1. Failing Hinges

One of the most common reasons for creaking noises is a problem with rollers and hinges. As time goes on, these components wear down, which will usually lead to loud, grating noises. Maintenance prevents breakdown, and it will also ensure your doors are safe as you, your family, and pets move underneath.

2. Balance Issues

garage doorsGarage doors may become unbalanced over time. This may lead to a weakened, unsafe overhead door, which is a hazard for your property. What for signs of uneven opening and closing, and pay attention to how it sits on the track. If it seems unsecured, it should be repaired.

3. No Lubrication

The moving components of your garage door need lubrication to prevent parts grating on each other, which can cause loud noises or vibrations during operation. Lubricating doors is fairly simple, but if you avoid it for too long, you will eventually need garage door repairs or replacements.

4. Loose Chain

Creaking or rattling noises can sometimes occur when chains are loose. You will hear the chain jostling as you open the doors. Tightening the chains and lubricating them will remedy the problem.


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