When they operate properly, garage doors rise and fall with the push of a button. But when the springs fail, they can’t support the door’s substantial weight. The result is a dysfunctional door that you can only open manually. While it’s not safe for homeowners to perform spring replacements on their own, it is important to recognize the reasons why they might fail. Here are a few common causes.

Why Do Garage Door Springs Get Damaged?

1. Rust Buildup

Over time, the springs can develop rust due to humidity and moisture exposure. Not only does this weaken the integrity of the spring, but the buildup on the surface also causes friction. As the garage door moves up and down, friction increases and causes the spring to snap. The best way to prevent this is to lubricate the material at least four times a year.

garage door2. Basic Wear

The average torsion spring is designed to last for no more than 10,000 cycles, or the number of complete times the door goes up and down. As you use the door, the springs will wear out. Sometimes homeowners can detect that their doors are wearing out by the squeaking noises they produce. Have a garage door repair professional inspect the door if you’re concerned about its age.

3. Poor Maintenance

Annual garage door maintenance protects the integrity of your door and ensures that it remains in great shape for years to come. Your technician can detect if the springs are wearing out well before they break, and they will either add some lubrication or recommend a spring replacement. However, if you never have the door inspected, then you’re unlikely to realize there’s a problem until it’s too late.


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