The auto-reverse feature is an essential safety element implemented in modern garage door systems. This unit prevents the door from coming all the way down if it detects an object in its path. It’s a good idea for homeowners to test the auto-reverse function occasionally to make sure that it’s still doing its job. Here are a few ways to check it.

How to Test the Garage Door Auto-Reverse Function

1. Use an Object

The most effective way to determine if the feature is working is to place an object in the door’s path. A roll of paper towels is a great choice, because the condition of the roll can tell you a lot about the garage door’s performance. If the door hits the roll, then the door did not reverse quickly enough.

2. Check the Sensors

garage doorThe garage door detects objects in its path via a pair of infrared sensors situated on the roller tracks above the ground. When something blocks the beam that extends from one sensor to the other, then the door will stop and reverse back upward. This prevents the object from getting hit. If the door comes all the way down, check the LED indicator lights on the sensors. If they’re flashing, then you’ll need a garage door repair technician to check their alignment.

3. Assess the Wiring

A malfunctioning auto-reverse function may also be due to poor wiring. The wires may be disconnected or have a short, and while homeowners may be able to determine which color-coded wires belong to which terminal, it’s best to have a garage door repair technician tinker with wires to prevent electrical damage or injury.


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