Your home’s garage doors may be one of the parts of the exterior visitors and passersby notice. For this reason, keeping them clean is essential in maintaining your property’s appealing aesthetic. If your doors could use some sprucing up, consider these simple tips for excellent maintenance.

3 Ways to Clean Your Garage Doors

1. Use a Hose

garage doorsWhile a pressure washer may seem like the best solution for tackling built-up grime, steer clear of this tool. Using a pressure washer could damage the surfaces of your door, causing the paint to flake away and leaving the material underneath exposed. Instead, use a hose for wetting the door, scrub the surface with soap and a sponge, and rinse it with the hose once you’re finished.

2. Choose Mild Cleaners

After you’ve wet the door down, you can then wash it with a mild cleaner and a gentle sponge used for washing cars. You can even use car-washing soap to wipe away grime from your doors. The chemicals in this type of cleaner will eliminate difficult outdoor material like dirt, mud, and bugs. If you don’t have any on hand, dish soap will suffice. Just be sure to avoid any harsh cleaners that could cause discoloration.

3. Repeat Regularly

For best results, you should wash your doors every six months. This time frame will give you enough to clean without allowing too much dirt to get caked on. To provide an additional level of protection, you might also consider waxing them at this interval as well. Don’t forget to clear debris from the entire door, including the weatherstrip at the bottom, before you begin cleaning.


While cleaning your garage doors is an essential aspect of long-term maintenance, there may come a time when your doors have outlived their lifespan. If it’s time for a repair or replacement, turn to PDQ Garage Doors. Their team has served Ramsey and Washington counties in Minnesota for nearly 20 years and offers a broad range of services, styles, and materials to meet each homeowner’s unique needs. Find out more about their products online or call (651) 208-6335 to speak with a team member.