Garage doors help to keep out intruders and protect your belongings, so it’s no wonder why people worry when theirs won’t close correctly. Before getting frustrated and inquiring about a garage door replacement, make sure the issue isn’t with the door’s safety eye sensors. Residential overhead doors use this technology to avoid accidents, but they can be finicky and make it to where neither the remote garage door opener or the button inside will work as intended.

Why Garage Door Safety Eye Sensors are Important

Most new garage door installations use safety eye sensors to avoid accidents involving you, your car, or other property. It works by emitting an infrared beam of light from one side of the garage door to the receiving unit on the other side, and they are typically found about four inches off the floor. If the light doesn’t reach the receiver, the system knows that there is an obstruction in the path of the closing door, so it prevents that action until the obstruction has been removed. However, sometimes the sensors are knocked out of place, and even if there isn’t an obstruction, because the light isn’t reaching the receiving sensor, it’ll still keep the door from shutting.

How to Diagnose Problems with the Sensors

Garage Doors Saint Paul, MNBefore scheduling garage door repairs because you can’t get it to shut, check for some of the common indicators that the sensors are out of line. Sometimes it’s evident from a physical inspection, particularly if one has been knocked loose. However, most residential garage doors demonstrate other signs when the sensors are misaligned. If the overhead light inside the garage keeps flashing or if the opener’s lights continuously blink, it’s the system telling you that they need to be realigned before the door will shut safely once again.


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