Garage doors offer privacy and security in our homes, and they can significantly improve the aesthetic appeal of your exterior. However, they can also pose several risks, especially if you have kids. Be aware of the tips below if you are looking for safety measures to put in place and ways to childproof your garage doors. 

5 Garage Door Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe

1. Ensure Regular Maintenance 

Garage doors, primarily residential overhead ones, can be dangerous if they drop or close unexpectedly. As such, these doors need regular maintenance checks to ensure they are working correctly, and that there are no loose parts, like springs or screws, that present safety risks. 

2. Check Safety Features

Garage doors Saint Paul, MNIn addition to routine maintenance, test your garage door's safety features as often as possible. Check if the sensors are working correctly to prevent the door from closing and potentially pinning a toddler or pet underneath it.

3. Keep Switches & Remotes Out of Reach

If you opt for custom garage doors, you can choose where to install the opener, and ensure that it is out of young children's reach. Also, prevent kids from playing with remote controls by placing these in areas they can't access.

4. Install Additional Door Locks

Most garage door installation specialists can also add additional locks as an extra layer of safety. This way, even if your child finds a way to reach the garage opener, the doorway will remain closed. This will keep them from being able to exit your home unsupervised.

5. Implement Strict Rules

Aside from the precautionary measures above, be sure to talk to your child and establish rules. Help them understand that areas around your garage doors are no-play zones, and its openers and remotes are never to be used as toys or experimented with out of curiosity.


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