During winter in colder climates, the morning routine can be exhaustive for homeowners. Due to frigid temperatures, garage doors can freeze in their frames. Waiting for the ice to melt could delay your morning commute, making you late for work and getting kids to school, and prying the door open could cause damage, too. To prevent these problems, be aware of the tips below. 

How to Unfreeze a Frozen Garage Door

Water often pools and freezes at the bottom of the frame, creating a seal that holds the garage door shut. To dislodge ice from the frame and door, kick the bottom of the panel lightly. To avoid slipping while working, create a clearing around the garage door, using a scraper to remove ice from the ground. If the panel is stuck open or won’t close, ice buildup under the door is likely the cause. When met with resistance, the auto-reverse mechanism kicks into gear, and frost can also affect the manual controls. Use a scraper to break up the ice and use warm water to melt any remaining material. 

How to Prevent Freezing

Saint-Paul-Minnesota-garage-doorsThe process of unfreezing a garage door can take time, so the best thing to do is prevent it from freezing in the first place. Although you can’t control the weather, you can manage how the door responds to it by using anti-corrosive products. GetSome Xtreme!®, for example, is a lubricant available as an aerosol or liquid that contains anti-corrosive materials and pure lanolin. These additives protect garage doors from wet conditions, which prevents moisture from freezing on the frame, panel, and hydraulics. The product is non-toxic, which means it won’t affect the material, seals, or finish.


Maintaining the garage door is the best way to improve operation, which is why you should add PDQ Door Service to your contact list. Based in Saint Paul, MN, the garage door repair specialists will provide opener and spring replacement, new installation, and additional solutions to enhance the safety and security of your investment. They also sell GetSome Xtreme! Products. For an appointment, call (651) 208-6335. Find warranty and financing information online and check out Facebook for more tips for safe operation.