If you’re seeking a simple way to upgrade your home and your daily routine, having your garage doors automated could be the perfect solution. Most existing doors can be automated with the installation of a new opener for a quick and effective enhancement. To determine whether this upgrade is right for your home, explore some of the most compelling benefits below.

5 Advantages of Automatic Garage Doors

1. Convenience

The ability to open your doors at your leisure is convenient. You won’t have to fumble for your keys or manually lift the doors to get inside. Just enter a code into the keypad, or stay inside your car and use the remote. The latter option is especially useful if you store your vehicles in your garage. 

2. Enhanced Security

Modern openers come with innovative security features to protect this entry point of your home. Some models offer rolling codes, which change every time the remote button is used so that only the homeowner is granted access. Vacation mode is another useful security feature, which disables remotes temporarily so that the door can only be operated from inside the home.

3. Injury Prevention

garage doors Saint Paul, MNWithout automation, heavy doors can come crashing down unexpectedly, causing severe injury. Automatic openers, however, use sensors to detect obstructions. If anything is in the way, the door will automatically retract. Plus, the need for heavy lifting is eliminated, which helps to reduce injuries in older adults.

4. Improved Home Value

Automated garage doors can be an attractive quality for prospective home buyers. This modern feature can enhance daily routines for busy professionals and parents, making it a must-have for most new homeowners. Of course, even if you plan to stay put for many years, you’ll still get value from your door opener with the benefits listed above. 

5. Affordability 

Despite the significant value it delivers, an automated opener can be surprisingly affordable. Most systems themselves are low in cost and will last roughly a decade. Additionally, you can request an estimate before installation so that you’ll know exactly what the final price will be.


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