Garage doors have the potential to boost the curb appeal of your property while providing an extra layer of security and protection. When the time comes to install or replace them, you may wonder which styles will work best for your home. Consider the following guide on the various styles and materials and how they can fit your home’s aesthetic.

4 Garage Door Style Considerations

1. Color

The color of the garage doors often accentuates your home’s facade. If you want to lend a rustic charm to your property, choose warm or earthy tones, like cream or light brown. For a more modern look, go for cooler blues, greens, or neutrals. It’s also a good idea to match your garage door to the color of your home’s trim, shutters, or siding. 

2. Material 

garage doors St. Paul, MNGarage doors are available in a wide variety of material choices. Wooden doors are durable and have a natural beauty, while steel doors are resistant to impacts and rust. Aluminum doors are lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to install, and they are often available in a variety of colors and finishes. 

3. Hinge 

Sectional garage doors have horizontal panels that fold up vertically when they open, and they’re widely valued for being low maintenance. Roll-up doors are similar, but rather than resting flush with the ceiling when opened, the doors roll around a drum, which saves space in the garage. Side-hinge doors have two panels that open outward and are ideal for garages that have minimal ceiling space. 

4. Custom Features

Rather than selecting pre-manufactured garage doors, you might want to customize them to the specific dimensions of your garage, especially if the space is unusually-sized. Additionally, consider including other features, such as windows, vintage hardware, and handcrafted wooden accents, depending on how you intend to use the garage space. 


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