Winter can take a toll on your home. To enjoy the delights of spring, you should do your best to help your home recover from winter weather. Your garage doors help keep your cars and family safe and comfortable year-round. You’ll have an easy, breezy spring when you follow these tips for preparing them for the next season.

How to Prepare Your Garage Door for Spring

1. Check for Winter Damage

To prevent the freezing temperatures, ice, and a build-up of dirt from affecting your garage doors’ functionality in the spring, inspect them ahead of time. Check the inside and outside of your door for signs of damage. Don’t forget the rubber trim or the hardware of the garage. Clean the garage doors’ tracks, removing any debris that has collected over the season. It’s also a good idea to lubricate the doors’ tracks and rollers. It might be running smoothly, but a little lubrication ensures it stays that way. If you notice signs of damage, it’s best to contact a professional and schedule repairs.

2. Check Garage Door Openers 

garage doors Saint Paul, MNBefore spring sets in, check to make sure that your handheld garage door openers— and any other means you have of opening your garage— have batteries. In the winter, you likely used the opener a lot, protecting yourself and your family from the cold, and the changing of seasons is an excellent reminder to keep it charged. By planning ahead, you’ll avoid annoying delays to your sunny, springtime plans.

3. Get an Inspection

You can check your garage doors for signs of wear and tear, but it’s best to leave the real work to the professionals. It’s recommended that you get your garage doors inspected once or twice a year for longevity, so why not schedule one of these inspections after the harshest season of the year? A professional can identify an issue before it turns into an emergency— saving you time and money.


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