Most modern garage doors are installed with sensors known as photo eyes. They are mounted to the frame of the door on either side of the door opening and emit an invisible beam of light that crosses the gap, about six inches off the ground. If something breaks the beam of light while the door is closing, the door will return to the open position. Below are some of the critical advantages of this type of device.

Why Install a Photo Eye Sensor?

1. Safety

The primary advantage of this type of sensor is safety. If, for example, a child is playing in the door's path, they will break the beam, and the door will refuse to close while they are underneath it. The door—which often weighs hundreds of pounds and could seriously injure a small child—will stop closing and return to the overhead position. 

2. Peace of Mind

Garage door in Saint Paul, MNA related benefit is the peace of mind that comes from knowing the garage door will not injure anyone or damage property. You can feel free to raise and lower the door at will. You don't have to get out and check the area beneath the door or worry about a pet or toddler coming to greet you. The sensors are on the job for you, 24/7, to ensure that the garage door operates safely.

3. Convenience

Photo eyes also offer a convenient way to exit or enter the garage, even if the door is moving. If you've pressed the close button but suddenly realize you need something from inside the garage, you don't have to put yourself at risk or wait for the entire process to complete. Break the beam, wait for the door to raise, and complete your task. 

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