Garage doors allow you to easily access your home and provide an additional level of security. Under normal conditions, you can trust your garage door to open and close smoothly. Sometimes, however, some type of malfunction disrupts those operations and prevents it from closing at all. This could be due to several reasons, and here are three of the most common culprits.

Why Isn’t Your Garage Door Closing?

1. Malfunctioning Photo Eye Sensors

Photo eyes are responsible for preventing damage or injury that might occur if an object or a person disrupts the path of the garage door while it’s attempting to close. They’re dependent on invisible light beams that alert the door to stop if there’s an object in the way. If the door opens normally but fails to close, check the photo eyes for signs of a problem. Sometimes they can get clogged with dirt and debris, which can block the beam. To clean it, use a dry, microfiber cloth to rub away any contaminants gently.  

2. Track & Roller Buildup

St. Paul, MN garage doorThe rollers and tracks are responsible for helping the door glide up and down smoothly. However, because they’re consistently exposed to exterior elements, grime and outdoor debris can accumulate on them. This can prevent the door from coming down properly as it usually would. You can address this by inspecting the metal rollers and using a small, stiff brush to remove any buildup. You can also use a dry cloth to remove any grime that may have caused the door to lodge in place or move staggeringly as it attempted to close.

3. Obstructions

There should never be any objects situated in the vicinity of the garage door, even temporarily. It’s simply too much of a safety risk, and homeowners with pets and kids should remain particularly cautious. However, small objects can fall into the door’s path, and that may be enough to prevent the door from coming down. It could be something small, like a toy or gardening tool that was left out. You’ll usually notice a larger object, but sometimes small items can be deceptive if they’re slightly crossing over the photo eye or situated to one side of the door.

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