Due to the frequent raising and lowering of your home’s garage door, some parts may inevitably experience excessive wear and tear. A garage door’s torsion springs bear a substantial and constant amount of weight while working to open and close. Without regular maintenance to keep this vital component in top shape, spring replacement may become necessary. Here are four indications you should schedule an appointment to install new parts.

How to Know When You Need New Garage Door Torsion Springs

1. The Door Doesn’t Stay in Place

Torsionspring replacement Minneapolis St. Paul MN springs spin as a garage door moves to create the energy and tension needed to lift and lower the door securely. You can test the effectiveness of this component by disconnecting the garage door opener and lifting it manually.

Pull down on the door’s safety release—usually a red or yellow cord hanging from the center track. After lifting the door until it’s halfway open, let go of the handle to see whether or not it stays in place. You’ll know if it’s time to call for a spring replacement if the door falls. A working spring should hold the door in place when it stops moving.

2. The Springs Have Gaps

Inspect extension springs every few weeks to ensure the steel is tightly coiled. If there are gaps between any of the loops, the steel may be giving out. Without the necessary tension, a door may not raise or lower properly. A weak spring with gaps in the coils could snap or break, posing a risk of injury to people nearby.

3. The Door Closes Loudly

No matter the type of spring, a garage door should move smoothly on its tracks, closing quietly. If it slams to the ground, the springs are likely failing. These components hold the door steady and may need spring replacement to promote safety and limit operation noise.

4. It’s Been a While Since the Last Maintenance Appointment

Garage door springs that open and close two cycles a day will last about 7 to 9 years—about 10,000 uses. Doors that open more frequently, like those on residential homes with several vehicles, may not last as long due to extensive use. If it’s been 5 or 6 years since your last spring replacement, call for an inspection to ensure the door is in top shape.


If you’re concerned about needing spring replacement, contact PDQ Garage Door Service in St. Paul, MN. The family-owned and -operated company has nearly 20 years of experience diagnosing and addressing garage door issues. Call the Minneapolis-area company at (651) 208-6335 for more information. Visit them online to learn more about their free estimates and available financing options.