Each time you close your garage door, a safety feature is activated to check for any obstructions. This device is known as the photo eye sensor and is designed to prevent physical injuries and property damage. Here’s what you need to know about it and when you might need to make adjustments.

How to Adjust a Photo Eye Sensor on Your Garage Door

What Is a Photo Eye Sensor?

The photo eye is a system of sensors mounted approximately six inches from the ground on each side of a garage door. An invisible beam is sent from one sensor to the other to detect any obstructions.

If a child, pet, or item blocks the beam’s path, the garage door will not close. This safety feature helps prevent the door from coming down on a person, vehicle, or another piece of property.

What Are Some Common Issues?

garage doorsIn order to work properly, the photo eye sensor must be in alignment so that obstacles can be detected. A common reason why the sensor may not be working is that something stored near the garage door’s entrance has either blocked the beam’s path or knocked it out of alignment. The sensor lens may also be dirty, which can prevent the photo eye from working. If the LED lights are not working or the brackets or mounts are not in the proper position, this can also interrupt their signals. 

How Can These Issues Be Addressed?

Check around the garage door’s entrance to ensure nothing is blocking the sensors. If they’re dirty, use a clean, dry cloth to carefully wipe away dust, spider webs, and grime. Make sure one or both of the LED lights is working properly by making a small adjustment with your hand. This should cause the interior garage lights to turn back on. If not, the sensor may need replacing. If the brackets supporting the sensors are loose or if the mounts are misaligned, a professional garage door technician can tighten the screws and bolts or remount the devices for you. 


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