A garage door is an eye-catching feature on a home’s exterior. Keep your home looking nice by cleaning it at least once every two months. In addition to increasing curb appeal, regular cleaning will allow you the opportunity to inspect the installation so you can scout out the need for repairs while they’re still minor. When cleaning your overhead door, use the following tips to extend its life span.


Use a mild detergent.

Over time, cleaning solutions with harsh chemicals can strip the sealant from your door. While bleach mixtures are effective at sanitizing, they can also lighten the door color, resulting in discolored splotches.

Instead, use a mild detergent mixed with warm water to clean your garage door. This will effectively remove dirt and grime buildup without harming the finish.

Clean behind the weatherstripping.

Along the bottom of your garage door is a thick rubber seal, commonly known as weatherstripping. This prevents rainwater, humidity, and pests from sneaking into your garage. However, it can easily accumulate mold, dirt, and other organic residues. Finish the cleaning project by lifting the door a few feet and wiping down the inner and outer ridges of the weatherstripping.


Use a rough or abrasive cloth.

garage doorAvoid using hard-bristled or wire brushes during the cleaning session to keep your overhead door smooth and scratch-free. Instead, dip a soft microfiber cloth in the mixture of detergent and water, and use smooth, circular motions to work away the dirt.

Pressure wash your door.

Even on the gentlest settings, a pressure washer uses too much force for garage door cleaning. This spray can easily chip away at the sealant or paint covering the door, increasing the risk of rust formation. Corroded doors will continue to weaken over time. Keep your family and belongings safe and clean this surface by hand.


If you notice cracks or broken parts when cleaning your garage door, reach out to PDQ Garage Door Service. This Saint Paul, MN-based company can offer skilled repairs and maintenance services, whether you need new weatherstripping or sensor repositioning. They can also install a new overhead door for your home when the time comes. To learn more about their services, visit them online. Call (651) 208-6335 to schedule an appointment.