When the first refrigerator debuted, it had a single door and no freezer. Modern appliances come in many sizes with multiple doors and different configurations. One popular option is a fridge with a bottom freezer drawer, and it comes with many benefits. Use the following guide to determine if this type of fridge is the best fit for your home.

What Are the Pros of Having a Bottom-Drawer Freezer?

1. Offers More Space

Bottom freezer drawers can hold more items. Since they are generally larger than freezers that sit on top, so you can easily store a frozen turkey alongside an array of other foods. Unlike a side-door freezer, a double-wide drawer can accommodate large, wide items, like pizza boxes and party trays. Bottom freezers also often come with slide-out drawers and baskets that help store more food while keeping it organized and accessible. 

2. Keeps Most Food at Eye Level


Putting the freezer at the bottom of the appliance puts the refrigerated items you use the most often—such as fresh produce, meat, and dairy—at eye level. Top-freezer fridges tend to put crisper drawers at the very bottom, so you have to bend over to look through them. It's easy to forget or neglect the vegetables and fruit inside these spaces. In a bottom-freezer appliance, items are front and center. This option also keeps seniors and individuals with mobility issues from having to crouch down to retrieve the food they eat most frequently.

3. Increases Energy Efficiency

Warm air rises, so putting the coldest part of the refrigerator at the bottom of the appliance means the device has to work a little less hard to keep items chilled. This is because air from the freezer is already colder than the temperature set within the refrigeration section. When warm air moves up toward a top-door freezer, the unit puts more energy into keeping these foods at the designated temperature. Over time, you may see modest savings on the electricity bill.


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