Ice Skating Rink
Airport Ice Arena
330 Hookstown Grade Rd., Moon Township, PA 15108

About Airport Ice Arena

Serving the Greater Pittsburgh area, Airport Ice Arena is an ice skating rink that houses a full hockey program, lessons for all ages, as well as open sessions. With the aim of promoting physical fitness and developing skating ability, the instructors here individually cater their approach to everyone, from those looking to become competitive figure skaters to those who just want another way to have some fun. In addition, Airport Ice Arena hosts kid's hockey games, hockey classes and clinics, and open hockey sessions called “Stick Time” three times a week.

Whether for hockey, fun, or figure skating, ice skating is a great way to develop strength, balance, and coordination. Not only are larger muscle groups in the legs and core developed, this activity exercises stabilizer muscles in the ankles, hips and knees, which are often neglected in typical workouts. Furthermore, ice skating helps people burn excess energy; for instance, an hour of high-intensity full speed ice skating—the kind you do when playing ice hockey—can burn up to 688 calories. Of course, even more moderate ice skating has its advantages: in particular, the sport is very easy on the joints.

Conducted in a safe, monitored environment, there’s no reason not to sign up yourself or your family for a hockey development program at Airport Ice Arena. In so doing, you join many Pittsburgh area families who’ve become a part of the community at this unique ice skating and hockey center. 

Find out about upcoming classes and hockey programs offered at Airport Ice Arena by visiting it online or calling (412) 264-2222. Whether you’re looking to become the next Mario Lemieux, Michelle Kwan, or just for a good way to get fun-filled exercise, this is the place to go.