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Founded in 1992 by Rhuel “Butch” Hibbard III, in Rochester, New York, Hibbs Contracting benefits from his 30 years’ experience in the contracting industry. A home improvement and commercial renovations firm at heart, Hibbs Contracting handles extensive and minor remodeling, roofing and exterior maintenance projects. Focused and attentive to the needs of every operation, the firm lends unparalleled skill and dedication to customer service while providing a reliable and reputable partner that customers can work with.

The contractor of choice for Greater Rochester residents, Hibbs Contracting promises customers projects that are overseen by the owner and undertaken by a highly-educated, professional and fully-licensed team. This commitment to excellence also extends to the firm’s material selection and sets them apart as the experts that are always fully equipped at every stage of the project to implement the finest quality materials and workmanship.

The exceptional standards Hibbs Contracting holds itself to have, similarly, held the firm out as a leader in meeting the expectations of customers. Seamless, efficient and honest work means that Hibbs Contracting offers extensive warranties on work and materials that others simply won’t.

Understanding the nuances of location, weather conditions and ordinance restrictions, Hibbs Contracting technicians offer clients valuable advice and extensive options from their customer showroom. This advantage makes Hibbs Contracting a cost-efficient option for everyone considering a home improvement project. When you need a one-stop-shop center for all your home improvement needs, call Hibbs Contracting at (585) 396-9068 and visit them online for more information.