Searching for an apartment is an exciting process. As you compile your list of potential options, you may not be able to tell exactly what a property is like from pictures alone. When you begin your search for the perfect apartment, remember the top traits below.

What to Look For in an Apartment

1. What’s Included

Check to see if there’s a microwave built into the kitchen already and whether the sink has a garbage disposal. If a dishwasher or a washer/dryer is a top priority for you, make sure the apartments you view have these necessities. 

2. Natural Light

apartmentAs you walk through the building, consider how much natural light the space gets. Does it feel dim and depressing or light and uplifting? The atmosphere created by natural light is important when it comes to enjoying your new home. 

3. Noise Level

The noise level of an apartment is something that can’t be determined from afar. Drop by the property during the evening when residents are home. Do you hear blaring music? Make sure the environment is what you want out of a residence.

4. Amenities

A property’s amenities may be discussed in the rental listing, but you should see them to assess their convenience and quality. A property with a badly maintained gym won’t be worth paying extra for. Check out amenities like parking, mail services, and communal outdoor space as well. 

5. Storage

The amount of storage space in an apartment is easy to overlook, but it affects your quality of life. Is there room for all your clothes, linens, kitchen appliances, and outdoor equipment like bicycles or grills? Make sure the unit has enough space for you to live comfortably. 


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