Although many people associate cockroach infestations with messy or dirty homes, even clean residences can attract pests. Roaches are opportunists that look for any sources of shelter, food, and water. This means that roach control often means doing more than taking out the garbage and not leaving food or dirty dishes out on the counter. To help keep your home free of pests, discover a few factors that can attract roaches below.

Why Cockroaches Are Attracted to Your Home 

1. Water Leaks

Roaches need water for survival and seek reliable sources within homes. If you have leaky plumbing, a roof leak, a faulty air conditioner, or any type of standing water around the home, it's possible it will attract roaches.

Anything that supports mold growth can also attract roaches. To keep your home safe from both, promptly fix leaks and consider investing in a dehumidifier for damp areas to eliminate excess water. Also, avoid overwatering your houseplants; the standing water can attract roaches. 

2. Strong Odors 

Any odor, either pleasant or unpleasant, can thwart your efforts at roach control. The bugs are attracted to any smell that indicates a food source, whether it's an air freshener or a bag of garbage. Roaches are particularly drawn to sweet smells, such as an open box of sugary cereal.

Although it's impossible to eliminate all odors from the home, minimizing them can keep pests away. Store food in sealed plastic or glass bins that conceal odors, take garbage outside frequently, and avoid storing anything that has even faint food scents, like grocery bags or empty food boxes. 

3. Pet Food 

roach control

Your pets' food and water dishes are open invitations to hungry insects, and leaving a bowl of kibble out all day can make roach control challenging. To keep the bugs out, feed your pets at designated times each day, and store food in airtight plastic containers. 

Also, pet doors create easy entry points for all types of pests. For the most effective roach control, keep these openings tightly sealed when not in use. 

4. Firewood 

A wood pile is the perfect hiding place for hungry roaches. The dark, damp environment offers food and shelter, and it's easy to carry the bugs inside when you bring in the wood. Practice roach control by keeping firewood as far away from the home as possible, and only bring in as much as you need.


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